Featured: Willy B and Mave, formerly from Wildlife Waystation and now at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

Mave spent her first five years in a laboratory before going to Wildlife Waystation in 1996. Mave is one of three chimpanzees relocated from Wildlife Waysation to Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest last year.

Wildlife Waystation, a well-known animal rescue outside of Los Angeles, closed its doors in 2019. Most of the animals were placed in new homes quickly, including nine chimpanzees, but 32 beautiful chimpanzees remain onsite.

We need your help to move them to trusted sanctuary homes.

THE CHIMPANZEES: The chimpanzees live in six groups of various sizes. Magic is the youngest at 15 and Jeff is the oldest at 44 years old.  Some, like Lucky and Cy, are siblings and others, like Ernesta and Magic, are mother and daughter. The chimpanzees came to Wildlife Waystation from biomedical research laboratories, the entertainment industry, and private owners.

THE COALITION: The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW), Wildlife Waystation, 7th Generation Advisors (7GA), and the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance (NAPSA) are working together to continue the care of the chimpanzees onsite and to secure their future permanent placement.

THE URGENCY: Immediate funds are needed to ensure that the chimpanzees will live out the rest of their lives in appropriate sanctuaries. Sanctuaries need funds to build space as soon as possible and plan for lifetime care costs. In the meantime, funds are needed to provide care for these chimpanzees while their new homes are being created.

Time is running out.

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NAPSA has partnered with trusted sanctuaries who hope to welcome these displaced chimpanzees, but they require funding so they can build appropriate housing for more animals. There are only a handful of sanctuaries with the expertise to provide the enriched lifetime care that the Wildlife Waystation chimpanzees deserve.


$130,000 = Cost of care for every month the chimpanzees remain at Wildlife Waystation
(Anticipated total of $1.5 million for 1 year of care)

$6.9 million = Total needed to build housing at reputable sanctuaries

$25,000 per chimp = Transportation and one year of care for each of the 38 chimpanzees at new sanctuary homes
(Anticipated total of $950,000)


We need your help funding the chimpanzees’ current care!


We need your help funding the chimpanzees’ futures!



We are grateful for those organizations who support this important effort.

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