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CARA’s Fundraiser for Canada’s Only Chimpanzee Sanctuary

On Nov. 26, members of the Concordia Animal Rights Association (CARA) hosted a yoga class fundraiser for the Fauna Foundation, Canada’s one and only chimpanzee sanctuary located in Carignan, Quebec, on the south shore of Montreal.

Chimp Haven to Expand as Federal Chimpanzee Research Program Closes

Queenie stands on a post at least 20 feet from the ground, stretches her left arm, and firmly catches a piece of watermelon mid-air. She’s a retired research chimpanzee, as are so many of Chimp Haven’s more than 200 residents, and the facility will soon...

Will Elderly Chimps ‘Retire in Place’ with MD Anderson?

When the National Institutes of Health announced they would no longer support biomedical research on chimpanzees and that all federally owned chimps would be retired to sanctuaries, animal rights advocates hailed the move, but it’s left behind feelings of anxiety at...