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Chimp Haven Now the Largest Chimp Sanctuary in the World

The arrival of five new retired chimpanzees this week at Chimp Haven — added to the 23 other retirees welcomed so far this year — now makes Chimp Haven the largest chimpanzee sanctuary in the world, according to a news release. Even more chimps are...

U.S. Chimp Retirement Gains Momentum, as Famed Pair Enters Sanctuary

After years of experiments, a protracted battle to grant them legal “personhood,” and a life spent bouncing between two scientific facilities, two of the world’s most famous research chimpanzees have finally retired. Hercules and Leo have arrived at Project...

Chimp Haven Home to Seven New, Important Retirees

With seven new retirees joining Chimp Haven from New Mexico this month, “[w]e now have more chimpanzee’s in sanctuary, than those left in research facilities, which is a huge milestone moment,” Amy Fultz, Chimp Haven’s director of behavior...

A Rescue Mission

After 30 years, the Primate Rescue Center has a new executive director who is excited to expand her responsibilities and continue to make a difference in the lives of these amazing animals.