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Why So Many Women Founders? Because We Can!

There is a significantly high percentage of women advocates in animal protection. NEAVS would like to remind us all how much the movement’s progress has been fueled by their tireless work.  

Center for Great Apes

An ape sanctuary hidden in the middle of Florida is making the impossible, possible. Patti Ragan, the founder of the center, dreamed of a place where apes can go after they retire from show biz, or just cannot be a pet anymore. In 1997, she established a place for...

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Celebrates Five Years

On June 13, 2008, a truck bearing seven chimpanzees from Pennsylvania rolled up the driveway at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, a 26-acre site on a hillside east of Cle Elum above the Yakima River.