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Chimps Inc.

An Oregon chimpanzee sanctuary cares for rescued chimps. Update: This is an archived article. As of July 1, 2018, Chimps Inc is no longer a member of NAPSA.

Life After the Lab

Not a day goes by that Amy Kerwin does not think about the 97. That’s the number of monkeys she worked with, the ones she got to know. Her role in their confinement, their use without reprieve, haunts her.

Monkey Jockeys

Love it or hate it, people can’t stop talking about the Banana Derby.

Controversy as Monkey Jockeys Race on Dogs

A popular event at a Long Island fair that features races between monkeys dressed as horse jockeys and tethered to dogs with Velcro is drawing sharp criticism from animal welfare experts who call the event “cruel and abusive” and dangerous to the...