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How Some U.S. Ape Sanctuaries Fail Their Animals and Staff

NAPSA is featured in a National Geographic article that highlights the value of accrediting bodies and independent oversight to ensure that sanctuaries continue to have high standards and safety precautions for the human and non-human primates at their facilities. The...

Chimps Inc.

An Oregon chimpanzee sanctuary cares for rescued chimps.

Chimpanzees Should Not Be Pets

Three years ago, Chimps Inc., a Bend primate sanctuary, welcomed a famous escape artist through their gates. Calamity Jane, or CJ, made headlines by escaping from the home where she lived as a pet — not once, but twice.

Happy Father’s Day to These Amazing Primate Dads

Now, let’s hear it for the boys: the alpha males, the dads, the males who spent years in biomedical research laboratories, the entertainment industry, and the pet trade before arriving in North American primate sanctuaries.