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Some Frequently Asked Questions

NAPSA is an alliance of sanctuaries with the shared mission of uniting the primate sanctuary community, building capacity to provide sanctuary for captive nonhuman primates, and advocating to eliminate primate exploitation.


No, NAPSA is a primate welfare organization that works with other organizations seeking an end to primate exploitation.

Our website has a current list of sanctuaries that are NAPSA members at this time.

NAPSA membership is voluntary and is meant to benefit members. No sanctuary is obligated to join. A sanctuary that is not a NAPSA member may not be accredited and licensed per our membership requirements, or they may engage in practices that do not match NAPSA’s priorities. It is every sanctuary’s choice to join NAPSA or not.

As an association of sanctuaries, NAPSA does not perform oversight or accreditation, but rather relies on other professional organizations for that purpose. More information on requirements for NAPSA membership can be found here.

In order to join NAPSA, a sanctuary must be accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (a full list of accredited facilities is here) or certified by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (a full list of certified facilities is here), amongst other requirements.

In order to join NAPSA, a sanctuary must be licensed by the United States Department of Agriculture (or its equivalent in other countries), amongst other requirements. A full list of licensed facilities is here.

NAPSA is an alliance of sanctuaries spread all over the continent, and does not itself operate a sanctuary.

NAPSA member sanctuaries are not open to the public on a daily basis but may host special events or donor visits by appointment. When they open to donors on certain days, physical contact between the public and a sanctuary monkey or ape is never permitted, for the health and safety of humans and non-humans.

NAPSA’s mailing address is that of its fiscal sponsor, Community Initiatives, which is based in Oakland. There is no NAPSA office as its employee works remotely.

At this time, NAPSA has one paid employee – its Program Director. Her work is overseen by a Steering Committee, comprised of one representative and one alternate from each member sanctuary.

NAPSA strongly encourages people to contact a facility directly with concerns. Beyond that, NAPSA can be contacted here and we will follow up with the sanctuary involved, as well as advise the complainant to contact accreditation and/or licensing bodies when necessary.

Please click here to learn more about primate sanctuary placement.


NAPSA can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Click here to join our email list.

There are so many ways you can help primates, even from a distance. Check our job and volunteer listings to see if you can help at a sanctuary in-person. Learn about primate exploitation and NAPSA’s advocacy efforts that you can share to help educate your friends and family. Check out the websites and wishlists and consider donating at one of our member sanctuaries, or support NAPSA’s work directly. You can even meet us in person at a NAPSA Workshop!

Full Member Sanctuaries

Each full member of NAPSA is licensed and inspected by the United States Department of Agriculture (or its Canadian equivalent), licensed by relevant state and county authorities, and either fully accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries or certified by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. 


Center for Great Apes

Patti Ragan, President and Founder
(863) 767-8903
PO Box 488
Wauchula, FL 33873

CSNW logo_sm2

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

JB Mulcahy and Diana Goodrich, Co-Directors
(509) 699-0728
PO Box 952
Cle Elum WA 98922

CH logo_sm

Chimp Haven

Rana Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer
(318) 925-9575
13600 Chimpanzee Place
Keithville, LA 71047

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch

Sue Tygielski, PhD, Senior Director
(903) 469-3811
12526 County Road 3806
Murchison, Texas 75778

FF logo_sm

Fauna Foundation

Gloria Grow, Founder and Director
(450) 658-1844
3802 Bellerive
Carignan, Quebec, CA  J3L 3P9


Primates Incorporated

Amy Kerwin, Founder and Executive Director
(608) 438-6951
P.O. Box 7384
Madison, WI 53707


Project Chimps

Ali Crumpacker, Executive Director
(706) 374-3675
PO Box 2140,
Blue Ridge, GA 30513


Save The Chimps

Ana Paula Tavares, Chief Executive Officer
PO Box 12220,
Fort Pierce, FL 34979