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Chimp Haven

This accredited, founding member of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance welcomed "The Treetop Ten" chimpanzee group from the Wildlife Waystation in November and December 2022.

About the Sanctuary

Chimp Haven, located outside of Shreveport, Louisiana on 200 beautiful, forested acres, is the world’s largest chimpanzee sanctuary and is home to more than 330 chimps – nearly all of whom were retired to the sanctuary after spending their lives in biomedical research. In fall 2022, they welcomed "The Treetop Ten" - two groups of ten chimps from the Wildlife Waystation.

At Chimp Haven, they are finally getting the opportunity to live like chimps, with large family groups to live in, spacious habitats to explore, and the very best expert care to keep them thriving. From the fresh, healthy diets delivered to them daily, to unique enrichment activities 365 days per year, life at Chimp Haven truly revolves around the chimps.

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The sanctuary is committed to bringing chimps who remain in research facilities home to sanctuary and is proud to partner with the Chimpanzees In Need fundraiser to welcome The Treetop Ten.

Chimp Haven is a founding member of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, serves as The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary, and is the world's largest chimpanzee sanctuary. Visit to learn more!

Meet the chimps of The Treetop Ten!

These two groups of ten chimpanzees in total represent a wide range of personalities, including a smarty-pants, a dreamer, a mediator, and even a jokester. 

The chimpanzees were relocated in their current social groups to their new homes.

Amber's Group

Amber square


Age: 31
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Curious.
Interests: She is particularly interested in face masks and what’s behind them! 
Fun Facts: She has a limp but doesn’t let that slow her down.

Mousse square


Age: 27
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Sweet and goofy. He needs more friends, so it will be great to rehome him at a facility that can better meet his social needs!
Interests: Dolls and balls.
Fun Facts: His turtle sandbox is carried around with him everywhere – empty.

Axil's Group

Axil square


Age: 29
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Highly intelligent. You can see the gears turning in his brain!
Interests: Carrying around stuffed animals.
Fun Facts: This clever guy was the source of elaborate escapes more than once.

Buster square


Age: 28
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Ladies man, always trying to catch the attention of females.
Interests: Brushing his teeth.
Fun Facts: He is working towards becoming the alpha male in his group.

Connor square


Age: 29
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Dreamer, who retreats to an imaginary world when he plays with toys.
Interests: When he’s nervous, he seeks comfort from the males in his group.
Fun Facts: With pink freckles and innocent eyes, he looks younger than he is!

December square


Age: 29
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Mediator, always there to calm chimps down if they get in a conflict.
Interests: Forming alliances with the other males in his group
Fun Facts: He is easy to identify due to his short, boxy build and his dark face.

Denise square


Age: 30
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: In control. She has an impressive build that commands respect.
Interests: Drinking water out of tubs and wadging her food (chewing it up into a big mass).
Fun Facts: She can gather items and hand them to caregivers without retribution from males.

Inky square


Age: 29
History: Biomedical laboratory research.
Personality: Infectiously calm. A social butterfly who gets along with chimps and humans.
Interests: Belly scratches and sips of water from the hose.
Fun Facts: She will make kissy faces at her caregivers to get their attention. It always works!

Mocha square


Age: 31
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Dramatic and takes and takes everything going on around her very so seriously.
Interests: Weaving blankets through caging to make fun spinning, hanging apparatuses.
Fun Facts: She is always keen to hand caregivers something in order to gain something more desirable!

Tequila square


Age: 29
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Joyful - he always has a twinkle in his eye!
Interests: He loves to play jokes on others by racing over to an imaginary item, then when someone else investigates, he steps back to watch with glee.
Fun Facts: He will lay down on his back and look at his caregivers upside down, just for laughs!

Every Dollar Helps!

This emergency fund is endorsed by world-renowned ethologist and activist Dr. Jane Goodall, and is fiscally sponsored by 7th Generation Advisors, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that donates their services in support of this urgent fund to ensure all donations are tax deductible. All donations will be accepted and administered by 7th Generation Advisors.

Every dollar raised by Chimpanzees in Need goes directly toward the continuing care and rehoming efforts for the chimpanzees. This is a unique rescue effort, and there’s no time to waste. These chimpanzees need us now. 

Please donate today to help rescue The Treetop Ten.

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to 7th Generation Advisors and mail to:

1223 Wilshire Blvd. #776
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Be sure to designate Chimpanzees in Need in the memo.