Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

This accredited, founding member of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance has welcomed nine chimpanzees from the Wildlife Waystation: "The Lucky Six" in June 2021 and a group of three in August 2019.

About the Sanctuary

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest was founded in 2003 and currently cares for 16 chimpanzees at its sanctuary on 90 acres of farm and forested land in the Cascade mountains of Cle Elum, Washington. The sanctuary has already welcomed nine chimps from the Wildlife Waystation! 

CSNW was quick to respond to the closure of Wildlife Waystation, and immediately rescued three of the chimpanzees in 2019: Willy B, Honey B, and Mave. Then, as the Chimpanzees In Need fundraiser pushed forward, they were able to welcome "The Lucky Six": Cy, Dora, Gordo, Lucky, Rayne, and Terry. Though many celebrated the chimps' brighter future, more funds are required in order for the sanctuary to fully complete its habitat expansion.

CSNW view from roof

All of the chimpanzees at CSNW enjoy a rich social life in exciting and unique indoor and outdoor habitats. Each day brings new adventures, and they chronicle their transformations and experiences on their blog.

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest is a founding member of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance and is accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. Visit chimpsnw.org to learn more!

Meet the chimps of The Lucky Six (and The First Three)!

These two groups of nine chimpanzees are a playful and social bunch, and even includes biological ties including a mother-daughter pair, two siblings, and some half-siblings!

Chimpanzees are being relocated in their current social groups to their new homes.

The First Three

Honey B square

Honey B

Age: 32
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Curious! She loves to see what the humans are doing around her.
Interests: Fastening things like headbands around her waist and head.
Fun Facts: Her mother, Missy, has lived at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest since 2008, and she is a half-sibling with Cy, Rayne, and Lucky, who are also there!

Willy B square

Willy B

Age: 31
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Aloof but a screen addict always eager to look at photos or videos on phones!
Interests: He loves a good game of stomping-chase!
Fun Facts: He has a unique way of eating that involves chomping and chewing enthusiastically.

Mave square


Age: 32
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Silly and playful. Sometimes she springs right into the air, just for fun!
Interests: Long grooming sessions with her group members.
Fun Facts: She is considered the glue of her group, keeping everyone bonded and happy.

The Lucky Six

Cy square


Age: 30
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Social butterfly. He is the first to greet everyone in the morning.
Interests: He prefers playing chase – but with humans, not chimps.
Fun Facts: His sister, Lucky, is in his group, and they are often found together.

Dora square


Age: 31
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Misfit. She didn’t know how to socialize, but Rayne taught her how to be a chimp.
Interests: Grooming other chimps, now that Rayne helped her be more comfortable!
Fun Facts: She is considered the “nurse” of her group.

Gordo square


Age: 30
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Communicative. He can communicate very well with his eyes – with just a glance!
Interests: Playing chase. He will always make sure to use a shortcut to beat his opponent.
Fun Facts: He is smaller than the other males in his group.

Lucky square


Age: 29
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Observant. She always watches what's goes on around her with humans or chimps.
Interests: Shoes and human feet - she loves seeing the shoes of visitors.
Fun Facts: Cy is her brother, and they are often found together!

Rayne square


Age: 30
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: Powerful! Rayne is the highest-ranking female in her group.
Interests: Painting.
Fun Facts: Rayne handles things that would normally be the responsibility of a high-ranking male, like mediating conflict and putting on dominance displays.

Terry square


Age: 30
History: Biomedical laboratory research
Personality: He is called “Little Cowboy” due to his habit of bouncing up and down to initiate play!
Interests: Games of chase that aren’t about winning, but about keeping up to his opponent's pace.
Fun Facts: Terry has light freckles and hair that sticks up straight from his head, giving him an adorable, teddy bear-like appearance!

Every Dollar Helps!

This emergency fund is endorsed by world-renowned ethologist and activist Dr. Jane Goodall, and is fiscally sponsored by 7th Generation Advisors, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that donates their services in support of this urgent fund to ensure all donations are tax deductible. All donations will be accepted and administered by 7th Generation Advisors.

Every dollar raised by Chimpanzees in Need goes directly toward the continuing care and rehoming efforts for the chimpanzees. This is a unique rescue effort, and there’s no time to waste. These chimpanzees need us now. 

Please donate today to help Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest complete construction for The Lucky Six and The First Three.

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to 7th Generation Advisors and mail to:

1223 Wilshire Blvd. #776
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Be sure to designate Chimpanzees in Need in the memo.