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Thank you American Anti-Vivisection Society for your $60K gift to support rescuing 32 chimpanzees. You can help too - every donation matters!

Donate now and help provide a safe future for 32 chimpanzees.


Chimpanzees In Need

"A campaign led by NAPSA in collaboration with 7th Generation Advisors, with support from California Department of Fish and Wildlife."

There are 32 chimpanzees awaiting rescue at the closed Wildlife Waystation in Southern California. They urgently need to be rehomed from this facility that is no longer operational, has no running water and is under constant threat from wildfires. Money to care for the chimps is rapidly running dry. But there is hope, and with your help we can get them out. We are working with four reputable, highly qualified sanctuaries to rehome these chimpanzees, but we need to raise funds to build appropriate living spaces for them at the sanctuaries.

Chimpanzees in Need is an emergency fundraising effort led by NAPSA and fiscally sponsored by 7th Generation Advisors, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that donates their services in support of this urgent fund to ensure all donations are tax deductible. All donations will be accepted and administered by 7th Generation Advisors. The coalition works in collaboration with California Department of Fish and Wildlife which is managing the closed Wildlife Waystation. Everything raised goes directly toward the continuing care and rehoming efforts for the chimpanzees.

This is a unique rescue effort and there’s no time to waste. These chimpanzees need us now. Will you help?

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We need your help funding the chimpanzees’ current care!


Providing specialized care and building appropriate living spaces for chimpanzees is very expensive. Chimpanzees are smart, strong and have complex social, emotional and physical needs. It costs $100,000 per month to care for these 32 chimpanzees, and to rehome them all will take $5.8 million to build new homes and safely transfer them to partnering sanctuaries. Together, we can make it happen. Their lives began in research labs – they deserve better than this. Will you help?

You can make a difference at any level:

Gives expert medical care to chimpanzees each month
Provides propane to keep chimpanzees warm each month
Provides nutrient-rich food to chimpanzees each month

Please be assured NAPSA and their expert advisors will use your unrestricted gift where it is needed most in order to rehome the chimpanzees as quickly as possible. You may also choose to designate your contribution to one of the four partnering sanctuaries to support efforts to building new homes for these chimpanzees, or support their current care or transport costs.

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to 7th Generation Advisors and mail to:

1223 Wilshire Blvd. #776
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Be sure to designate Chimpanzees in Need in the memo.

"All donations will be accepted and administered by 7th Generation Advisors.


Learn More About Chimpanzees In Need

Below are links to learn more about Chimpanzees in Need, how you can help, and materials to help us share this important emergency rescue campaign with your social networks.

  1. Media kit
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  3. Case for Support and FAQs

Media inquiries and more information, please contact:
Erika Fleury


We are grateful for those organizations who support this important effort.

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