Chimpanzees In Need

A campaign led by NAPSA, fiscally sponsored by 7th Generation Advisors, and supported by California Department of Fish and Wildlife, partnering accredited sanctuaries, and remaining team members of the Wildlife Waystation.

Rescuing the Final Two Wildlife Waystation Chimps

There are still two chimpanzees stuck at a closed refuge urgently in need of a new home. We have secured them a space at accredited, NAPSA member sanctuary Chimp Haven, and they can move there by the end of this year. Eight other Wildlife Waystation chimpanzees were already moved to Chimp Haven!

We need your help to get them there!

The Wildlife Waystation, located outside of Los Angeles, unexpectedly closed in 2019 due to financial difficulties. At the time of closure, more than 40 chimpanzees, most of them formerly used in medical research, were living there, along with more than 430 other wild and domestic animals. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife took over operations and successfully rehomed most of the animals, except the chimpanzees. There are only a handful of accredited sanctuaries able to care for chimpanzees, who are extremely strong, smart, and socially complex, and require specialized care and housing.  The North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance was brought in to help locate new homes and lead this campaign to save these chimpanzees in need.

Accredited Sanctuaries are at Capacity - We are Raising Funds to Build New Homes

Qualified sanctuaries are at capacity, without any space available for more groups of chimps. Accredited sanctuaries have worked to rescue these chimps, including Center for Great Apes, Chimp Haven, Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, Primarily Primates Inc., and Save the Chimps,   – and they needed funding to construct homes for the chimps and transport them, estimated at $4.7 million. Thankfully, our campaign is over 90% of the way there, and we have been able to successfully rehome 38 of the chimpanzees so far. Still, two chimpanzees remain and more funding is urgently needed. Will you help?  

Join Jane Goodall to Support this Emergency Rescue

This emergency fund is endorsed by world-renowned ethologist and activist Dr. Jane Goodall, and is fiscally sponsored by 7th Generation Advisors, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation that donates their services in support of this urgent fund to ensure all donations are tax deductible. All donations will be accepted and administered by 7th Generation Advisors.

A Brighter Future

The accredited sanctuaries identified to rescue these chimpanzees will provide them a new beginning in healthy environments where they will thrive. Click to learn more about each - and the chimps they are saving!

Learn More About Chimps In Need

Below are links to learn more about Chimpanzees in Need, how you can help, and materials to help us share this important emergency rescue campaign with your social networks.

Media Inquiries

Erika Fleury
NAPSA Program Director
(860) 806-4542

The Chimpanzees Can't Stay at the Wildlife Waystation

The chimpanzees cannot stay at the Waystation for many reasons, including the constant risk of wildfire, outdated infrastructure, and an insufficient water source. For example, it costs $18,500 every month just to have water trucked into the Waystation, and that is just one of their complex and costly care needs.  Thankfully, the Waystation’s dedicated caregivers (who have known these chimpanzees for most of their lives) are continuing to provide them care while funds are being raised and new homes are built at trusted chimpanzee sanctuaries.

The chimpanzees are being relocated in their current social groups to their new homes.

Every Dollar Helps!

Every dollar raised by Chimpanzees in Need goes directly toward the continuing care and rehoming efforts for the chimpanzees. This is a unique rescue effort, and there’s no time to waste. These chimpanzees need us now. Please donate today.

Learn More by Watching 'A Checkered Past' (7 minute documentary film)

Learn more about how the chimpanzees came to live at the Wildlife Waystation and the urgency to rescue them by watching this 7-minute documentary short graciously donated by director Shaun Monson and featuring award-winning actors Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara.


Together, we can rescue these Chimpanzees in Need.

You can make a difference at any level:

Provides one month of medical care to a chimpanzee in need
Provides propane to keep chimpanzees warm in the winter months
Provides a month of nutrient-rich food to a chimpanzees in need

If you prefer to mail a check, please make it payable to 7th Generation Advisors and mail to:

1223 Wilshire Blvd. #776
Santa Monica, CA 90403

Be sure to designate Chimpanzees in Need in the memo.


We are grateful for those organizations supporting this important effort.

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