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NAPSA Workshop 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia

The NAPSA Workshop returned #CaregiverStrong post-Covid as we learned how to best support and celebrate the lifesaving work ...
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2019 Steering Committee Retreat in Carignan, Quebec

In September 2019, NAPSA’s Steering Committee met in a beautiful barn at Fauna Foundation in Quebec, Canada in ...
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Charity Pot Awareness Event with Lush in Los Angeles, California

NAPSA’s Program Director, Erika Fleury, spread the word about NAPSA at an in-store event in November 2018.  
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NAPSA Workshop 2018 in Gainesville, Florida

We welcomed over 75 people in April 2018 for NAPSA’s fifth Workshop – Mission Possible: Monkey Retirement. It ...
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2017 Steering Committee Retreat in Shreveport, Louisiana

In September 2017, our Steering Committee members and alternates gathered for a retreat in Shreveport, Louisiana. We planned ...
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NAPSA Workshop 2016 in Tacoma, Washington

Over 85 people gathered in September 2016 as part of NAPSA’s fourth Workshop – Our Primate Futures: Planning ...
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2016 Steering Committee Retreat in Dallas, Texas

In May 2016, our Steering Committee met for an in-person retreat in Dallas, Texas. The group evaluated NAPSA’s ...
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2015 American Society of Primatologists Meeting in Bend, Oregon

In June 2015, members of NAPSA’s Steering Committee were part of a symposium at the annual conference of ...
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2015 Steering Committee Retreat in Chicago, Illinois

In May 2015, our Steering Committee met for an in-person retreat in Chicago. While we were there, we ...
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NAPSA Workshop 2014 in San Antonio, Texas

Over 80 attendees traveled to San Antonio, Texas for NAPSA’s Workshop in 2014. The multi-day event involved tours ...
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