NAPSA in the News

Featured: Kareen from Project Chimps | Photo by: Fred Rubio

NAPSA is proud to share the collective expertise of its members in national and global news media.

Prime Mates Podcast, Episode 51: Full House (with NAPSA’s Erika Fleury)

Full House was an American sitcom from the 80s and 90s and in their fifth season they had an episode called ‘Too Much Monkey Business’ where Danny’s zoologist sister Wendy, pays a visit with a chimpanzee. Podcast host Matt Stewart is joined by special returning guest, Erika Fleury from NAPSA (the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance)! Erika also answers a bunch of listener questions about primates.

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Celebrities Back New Bipartisan Bill To End Circus Animal Suffering Across The US

Actors, directors, and musicians are backing a bill to end the suffering of wild and exotic animals in traveling shows, which was launched in Congress on Tuesday, May 21.

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Prime Mates Podcast, Episode 38: Hollywood’s Primates: Where Are They Now? (with NAPSA’s Erika Fleury)

What happens when Hollywood’s monkeys and apes retire? Comedian Matt Stewart talks to NAPSA’s Program Director Erika Fleury to find out!

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Truth Behind Viral Video Of Chimp Hugging Dog Isn’t Cute

A video of a baby chimpanzee hugging a dog has gone viral — for all the wrong reasons. NAPSA’s Program Director Erika Fleury explains characteristics of reputable primate sanctuaries, and why true sanctuaries would not exploit their animals.

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Rescued Chimpanzees and Orangutans

Patti Ragan skillfully maneuvers a golf cart along narrow twisting paths through the heavily wooded Center for Great Apes.

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Steve Aoki & Adam Lambert: Chimp Problems!

Steve Aoki’s new music video borders on bestiality … or at least chimp-on-woman love … so claims a very angry animal rights group.

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