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Featured: Kareen from Project Chimps | Photo by: Fred Rubio

NAPSA is proud to share the collective expertise of its members in national and global news media.

The Importance Of Primate Sanctuaries And Helping Monkeys

A one-hour radio show was co-hosted by Erika Fleury, Program Director of NAPSA, and Amy Kerwin, Founder of Primates Incorporated, who answer the most commonly-asked questions about sanctuaries and the need to help monkeys retiring from labs and the pet trade.

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Chimp-Painted Art is Expressive, Even When Painted by Tongue

The Humane Society of the United States enlisted six member organizations of the North American Primate Sanctuary Alliance, and asked if a chimp at each facility would create and submit a piece of art. Modern, impressionist, abstract expressionist, still life with banana. It was their prerogative. Update: This is an archived article. As of July 1, 2018, Chimps Inc. is no longer a member of NAPSA.

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