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Featured: Kareen from Project Chimps | Photo by: Fred Rubio

NAPSA is proud to share the collective expertise of its members in national and global news media.

The Importance Of Primate Sanctuaries And Helping Monkeys

A one-hour radio show was co-hosted by Erika Fleury, Program Director of NAPSA, and Amy Kerwin, Founder of Primates Incorporated, who answer the most commonly-asked questions about sanctuaries and the need to help monkeys retiring from labs and the pet trade.

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Doing More for the Monkeys

NAPSA Transitional Member Primates Incorporated, the only primate sanctuary in Wisconsin, welcomed their first monkeys in 2018. They now care for five rhesus macaques and one vervet, and plan to expand.

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Making a Difference: Monkeys Retiring to Rural Wisconsin Town

The Town of Westfield, WI is not a destination like Florida where people go to retire, but for a group of former lab monkeys, it’s become their new homes. More information, including video, at the link!

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Doing More For The Monkeys

Learn about Primates Inc’s history as they plan for their first public event this summer.

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Monkey Sanctuary in Central Wisconsin is Retirement Home for Primates Used for Medical Research

NAPSA Program Director Erika Fleury chatted with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Transitional Member Primate Incorporated and about why primate retirement is different than other forms of captivity: “They’re not on display, they’re not trained for anything, they’re not used for breeding or performing. They’re also not sold … It’s all about what’s best for the animal. Once they’re in a reputable sanctuary they’re there for the rest of their life.”

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Life After the Lab

Not a day goes by that Amy Kerwin does not think about the 97. That’s the number of monkeys she worked with, the ones she got to know. Her role in their confinement, their use without reprieve, haunts her.

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