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Featured: Kareen from Project Chimps | Photo by: Fred Rubio

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Should Aging Lab Monkeys be Retired to Sanctuaries?

There is surging interest in sending monkeys from research to sanctuaries instead of euthanizing them or transferring them to another project. A growing number of scientists say retirement is the right thing to do for these social, intelligent creatures, and it can be cheaper than keeping the animals in labs.

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Creve Coeur Must Prohibit Ownership of Monkeys

A Letter to the Editor from NAPSA Program Director Erika Fleury encouraged town officials in Creve Coeur, MO to avoid granting an exemption to a woman claiming her three monkeys are emotional support animals. Erika was also interviewed on St. Louis AM radio station KMOX, though the interview is not available online.

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Doing More for the Monkeys

NAPSA Transitional Member Primates Incorporated, the only primate sanctuary in Wisconsin, welcomed their first monkeys in 2018. They now care for five rhesus macaques and one vervet, and plan to expand.

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Making a Difference: Monkeys Retiring to Rural Wisconsin Town

The Town of Westfield, WI is not a destination like Florida where people go to retire, but for a group of former lab monkeys, it’s become their new homes. More information, including video, at the link!

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More Research Labs are Retiring Monkeys when Studies Finish

An Associated Press article on the retirement of research monkeys featured NAPSA Program Director Erika Fleury and Amy Kerwin, founder of Transitional NAPSA member Primates Incorporated. Note: We were misquoted regarded the species most common in sanctuaries. The species we mentioned (chimps, capuchins and squirrel monkeys) are most common in NAPSA member sanctuaries, but that is not true for all accredited sanctuaries.

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Monkey Sanctuary in Central Wisconsin is Retirement Home for Primates Used for Medical Research

NAPSA Program Director Erika Fleury chatted with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about Transitional Member Primate Incorporated and about why primate retirement is different than other forms of captivity: “They’re not on display, they’re not trained for anything, they’re not used for breeding or performing. They’re also not sold … It’s all about what’s best for the animal. Once they’re in a reputable sanctuary they’re there for the rest of their life.”

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Contrary to Previous Reports, There’s No Sanctuary for VCU Monkeys

NAPSA’s Program Director Erika Fleury was interviewed to confirm that despite their claims to the contrary, Virginia Commonwealth University has never retired research monkeys to sanctuary. Watch the video at the link.

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From Lost Monkey to Trending Twitter Star

In March, a macaque monkey named Carter escaped from his caretaker’s car in a Charlotte hospital parking lot.

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Adult Rhesus Monkey Captured in Eastern Kentucky

A male monkey captured earlier this week in eastern Kentucky, remained in quarantine Thursday but how the adult Rhesus made it to the region is unknown, his current caretaker said.

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