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Featured: Kareen from Project Chimps | Photo by: Fred Rubio

NAPSA is proud to share the collective expertise of its members in national and global news media.

What Do We Owe Former Lab Chimps?

The government and private labs bred hundreds of chimpanzees for biomedical research. But now, there’s a question over who should pay for their care.

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From Heartache to Heartwaming Friendship: The Story Behind the Adorable Handholding Chimps

You probably have seen the heartwarming viral video of chimps Terry and Jeannie at Save the Chimps, holding hands and refusing to let go. The story behind the video is even sweeter.

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About Sanctuaries

American Anti-Vivisection Society’s magazine shed light on chimpanzee sanctuary retirement.

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Boom in Retiring Lab Chimpanzees Fills New Sanctuaries with Apes

As U.S. laboratories phase out the use of chimps, former research subjects fill specially designed facilities.

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