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Featured: Kareen from Project Chimps | Photo by: Fred Rubio

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Prime Mates Podcast, Episode 38: Hollywood’s Primates: Where Are They Now? (with NAPSA’s Erika Fleury)

What happens when Hollywood’s monkeys and apes retire? Comedian Matt Stewart talks to NAPSA’s Program Director Erika Fleury to find out!

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Urgent Action Needed to Help Primates Suffering in Labs Across the U.S.

Of all the animals that capture America’s attention, apes and monkeys have always been on the forefront. They are intelligent, inquisitive, social and innovative. They are so like us … and yet, so different. So different, in fact, that we frequently keep them in solitary cages, away from sunlight and fresh air, with little to stimulate their needy minds, in order to learn more – about ourselves and about them. Living conditions for primates in laboratory research have historically been uncomfortable, unnatural and downright painful and harmful.

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