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The Center for Great Apes, a Forever Home

For three weeks in 1984, Patti Ragan traipsed through the rainforests of Borneo, collecting ape feces, drying it out in the sun and poking through it for the seeds that helped researchers identify what the apes were eating in the wild. That short volunteer trip opened Patti’s eyes to the needs of the great apes and forever changed the direction of her life.

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Featured Building & Architecture Case Study: Center for Great Apes

With a winding maze of chutes and walkways woven throughout the treetops, the Center for Great Apes is a charitable organization created to provide sanctuary for chimpanzees and orangutans that have retired from the entertainment industry, completed research, or formerly served as pets.

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How ‘Chimpus Commercialus’ Went from Ad Star to Endangered Species

Pressure from animal-rights groups has agencies pledging not to use great apes for ad entertainment

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